AeroGear Android 1.2.1 Release

The AeroGear Android 1.2.1 brings some bug fixes and example updates.

AeroGear Android 1.2.1

  • AGDROID-119 – Fixing issues in authentication Loaders.
    • Previously, the Authentication Loader API would cache results which would cause stale tokens to be given to the user after a log out.
  • AGDROID-73 – Implement AuthenticationModule#login(Map, Callback)
  • AGDROID-115 – Fix URL generation on Android 2.3.3
    • RestRunner#getHttpProvider would not correctly attach the URI endpoint on Gingerbread
  • AGDROID-84 – Registrars#notifyHandlers is now Push service agnostic
    • Previously we had hard coded values which only supported Google Cloud Messaging
  • AGDROID-83 -SQLStore readWithFilter correctly closes the cursor.

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