AeroGear Android 1.3.1 Release

We are excited to bring to you AeroGear Android 1.3.1. This release includes support for aar packages (currently experimental) in addition to apklib support also newEncryptionService apis and several bug fixes.

AeroGear Android 1.3.1


We introduce in this release a new library type :aar. To use it you, just put a gradle dependency in your project and be happy. Currently the AAR package format is experimental, but if we don’t hear any complaints we will make it official in 1.4.0.


The new EncryptionService API is an Android wrapper to AeroGear Crypto Java. EncryptionService manages keys generated by a passphrase or secured in a keystore with a password and provides an interface for easy encryption and decryption.



As always feel free to reach out to our mailing list (, GitHub, IRC (#aerogear on freenode), or Twitter (@aerogear).

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