AeroGear Android 1.0.1 Release

The latest maintenance release of AeroGear Android is out. AeroGear Android 1.0.1 contains a number of bug fixes.

AeroGear Android 1.0.1…8fe1bdda

  • Update pom to allow tools to select most recent Android version automatic
  • Adding timeout field to PipeConfig
  • Adding Timeouts to Authentication
  • Add accept JSON on default headers
  • Added cookieHandler support
  • Enabling Travis CI support
  • Changed deprecated maven variables
  • Remove ‘Auth-token’
  • Create a utility class for URL manipulation
  • HttpBasic Authentication
  • Removing unused constructor parameter
  • Add license header
  • Fix license header format
  • Organize import
  • Updating JavaDoc-based license headers: removing @authors/copyright ref.
  • maven-license-plugin
  • normalize license headers
  • Added Property tests
  • Scan changed to search RecordId also in superclasses
  • Moved MyData and Superdata to be static inner classes in ScanTest
  • Added license header
  • bugfix in “Property.setPropertyType” for extended klasses
  • added licence + javadoc
  • Added test folder on license header check
  • normalize license headers on tests
  • Updated to include instructions for working around a bug in ???????
  • Removed where in readFilter url
  • Bumping Version to 1.0.1
  • Fix NullPointerException on runReadWithFilterAndAuthentication test

Resolved JIRA Issues

  • Remove Auth-Token (AGDROID-25)
  • Add cookie on requests to keep session (AGDROID-16)
  • Accept Header on JSON requests (AGDROID-1)
  • Fix Readfilter setWhere params are turned into a query (AGDROID-4)
  • RecordId annotation does not consider superclasses (AGDROID-13)
  • NullPointerException in AeroGear Android tests (AGDROID-37)
  • Pipe Timeout (AGDROID-31)
  • Create Android OTP demo app (AGDROID-19)

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