AeroGear Android 1.3.0 Release

We are happy to bring to you AeroGear Android 1.3.0. This release was focused on crypto, and adds Encrypted Database support to the Android libraries.

AeroGear Android 1.3.0

We’ve introduced two new encrypted Store adapters. A full run down can be found on, but here are the highlights:

How to use it

You only need to create a store using one of the two new Store types

DataManager dataManager = new DataManager();

StoreConfig storeConfig = new StoreConfig();

Then call the new method encryptedStore with your super secret passphrase and all the magic happens.

EncryptedSQLStore store = (EncryptedSQLStore) dataManager
   .encryptedStore("myStoreName", storeConfig, "mySuperSecretPassphrase", SomeModel.class);

Check it us examples



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By Daniel Passos